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Where Figure Skating 
to an Unforgettable Experience

ICE PEARL brings together figure skaters, ice dancers and winter sport enthousiasts, from many countries, sharing their passion for ice, beauty and elegance, in the unique and magical setting of the Glacier Villages of the Saas Valley.

ICE PEARL is an Odyssee of seasons between Ice, Magic and Alpine sunsets and a symbol for the beauty and magic of the Swiss Alps, offering unforgettable events.

What we do

About the Saas Valley

The Saas Valley is surrounded by 18 four-thousanders. It is a paradise for iceskaters. It is situated in the heart of the Swiss Alps in a unique and highaltitude mountain and glacier landscape, equiped with two (2) natural ice rinks in Winter and an brandly new ICE Arena in construction that will as from autumn 2025 be open all year round.

The Saas Valley is perfectly designed for ICE PEARL to develop and set its signature in the Saas Valley as the Valley truly embodies winter sports. Winter sports have an important meaning in the high altitude regions of the Swiss Alps to the local population but also to its visitors.


ICE Pearl 

62a, Hohneggweg

3906 Saas-Fee


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