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Icy Pictures

Ice Pearl Saastal proposes photography sessions with exclusive swiss photographers. 

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Frederik Kalbermatten :

born and raised in Saas-Fee Switzerland, Frederik Kalbermatten is a famous swiss snowboarder who won bronze in the half-pipe during the ISF Worldchampionships in Laax and participated to the Olympic Winter Games 2006 in Turin.
his exceptionnal sportive career was always combined to photography in action and he learned how to capture the moment.
Being a mountaineer is in his DNA and having him as photographer for Ice Pearl Saastal is an immense asset.

for more information:
"Unveiling the Untold Story of Snowboarding Legend Frederik Kalbermatten"

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Gletscher, Saas-Fee dance gala saas fee
Plattjen dance gala saas fee
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Gletscher Saas-Fee saas fee dance gala
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