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The Founders

founder of Ice Pearl, business woman, woman empowerment

Mady Elvinger-Werner

Mady has practiced ballet during her teenage years and continued her passion for this elegant sport during her years spent at the university, first in Montpellier, France, then in London, United Kingdom. Native from Luxembourg, she holds a Master Degree in International law and is lawyer admitted to the Courts of Luxembourg. She discovered Saas Fee as ski destination at the age of 14.

Since 2017, Saas-Fee has become her second home.

Mady discovered the passion of Figure Skating together with her three daughters at the natural icerink of Saas-Fee. From the Ice Gala she organized in January 2024 emerged the idea to found ICE PEARL.

Inspired by Figure Skating, ICE PEARL vehicles the interpretation of modern femininity, where sportivity and enterpreneurship find its way. 

Mady believes truly in synergies, her intention is to bring together the right inspirations and people. 

founder of Ice Pearl, business woman, woman empowerment, artist, feminine artistry

Amarylis Hibon

Amarylis brings a vibrant blend of artistry and figure skating insight to the role. Originating from Luxembourg, she holds a BA(Hons) in Furniture and Product Design and has transitioned from a five-year tenure at a Big Four company in finance to pursue her passion for art.
Specializing in 2D digital illustrations and traditional techniques, Amarylis has expanded her creative horizons by integrating AI art into her repertoire since late 2023, earning recognition as an award-winning artist for her innovative approach and creative talents.
With 14 years of closely following her sister's international figure skating career, Amarylis possesses a deep understanding of the sport's discipline and beauty.

At Icepearl Saastal, Amarylis is dedicated to merging the worlds of art and figure skating, offering a unique platform for creativity and expression.

founders of Ice Pearl, business women, women empowerment
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